Wednesday, July 19, 2006

har har har... after 1 week of trying to sign in to blogspot, here i am, finally manage to get thru all obstacles and barrier to write sth here.... guess i shud tel u tat i previously i did write sth here but the connection here is soooooooo bad tat the server get jammed everytime i try to write sth... so eventually i gave up even though i was half way thru my article... Although i hav register for a wifi line but the connection here is extremely bad... one moment u are happily surfing the net and chatting wif fres then all of a sudden u are sign out automatically... but wat to do???? i stil need my internet access here otherwise i'll be barred from the outside world in this lonely place called 'Shah Alam'

ok... updates from me... the hostel i m currently living or rather sleeping in is Kolej Akasia, wonder why is it called Kolej instead of hostel??? My school, not sure whether its college of university, uitm or INTEC, quite confuse here but anyway its a lot bigger than my secondary school but stil not as big as i thought it was suppose to be... at least i can stil walk from one place to another but it just take times... the transportation, i m stil new here so i only know how to use KTM, taxi, bus and my own 2 bare foot... shophouses here, not too many chinese food stall, in fact the number is zero, so the only thing i eat is KFC, Ayamas, McD, roti telur and the chap fan one auntie sell... quite nice lah but sometimes get very sien eating the same thing over and over again... oh ya, there's a pasar malam on every monday evening, i found it quite nice but i can't imagine me going there for the next 2 and a half years... forgetfulness, as usual, can't remember any of them - friend's names, number, where they are from... haih... guess i have to work hard on this coz there are ppl from everywhere in this place and u can't expect me to ask them what's their name and where they're from everytime i see them eh...

ok, enough rantings from me... tat's all from me... ta-DAh

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