Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Random stuff bout me...(2)

i get this inspiration to blog this thanz to my fren lawson...

five things you don't know about me... (u probably don't want to noe too)

1. Don't ever dare to NOT make any response when i talk to you. A simple smile, laugh, even a tweek in the eye will do. Don't give me a this-is-just-a-statement-and-not-a-question-so-i-don-need-to-response look when i talk to you. I am so gonna erupt in front of u...

2. I walk a lot when i m revising. I can't sit still on a chair for even a sheer 20 minutes. i can't control it too... every 10 to 20 minutes i must stand up and walk around a few steps b4 i sit down and continue to my studies... its kind of my reflex action

3. I don't believe in love at first sight but i do believe in happily ever after.

4. I don't drink milk. Not tat i m allergic to it but i juz don like the taste of it. However, i do like dairy products. I juz don drink raw milk or milk in any form of unprocessed state.

5. I hate liars. nuff said.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007


Had so much breakthrough for the past month... the testimonies juz keep coming n multiplying... so open ur eyes n hearts to see the wonderful things tat happen to me last month...

First was about the loudness in some worship session... i noe i always get affected by the fact tat the worship team is too loud, not only CA but church as well... i had the tendency to judge worship team according to the loudness... (maybe its partly due to the fact tat i was from a conservative home church) but tat cannot be the reason i judge ppl, conservative or not conservative, everyone is the same in God's eye... i was so ignorant n arrogant to believe tat the real worship team need to suit the congregation to lead them to a worship mood... i was SO wrong!!! i was reminded n rebuked publicly by a pastor in church during one of the sunday morning service... to me, the worship team was exceptionally LOUD tat morning, n i was sitting in one of the front rows in church, juz behind the deacons n elders... i was so stupid to let the ways of the evil to affect me n so i tot to myself, "how can i worship wif this kind of music..." i let my pride take over n i was so stuck there at tat moment... i could not help but thinking of moving to the back n then it hits me... y m i doing this, letting MUSIC to decide whether i had a good or bad or loud or quite P&W session? God reminded me tat music is not the main thing in a P&W session... worship is between me n God, not some music or lyrics ... i could not help but laugh at my little faith... however, i hav a great God... however small my faith is, He is stil there for me... after tat, pastor went up on stage n asked to worship team to stay back... apparently i m not the only one who thinks tat the worship team is loud... so i tot pastor is going to tegur them not to be too loud next time but instead he start to ask the drummer to play his drum... of coz lah, if u play alone n the whole congregation is looking at u, u sure play soft soft de... then pastor really starts to get a bit agitated n asked the drummer, "Hav u done ur best for God? then it hits me... preach it pastor!!! i start to feel ashame n guilty... after hearing this, the drummer hit the drumset wif all his heart n mind n soul n suddenly... i don feel tat he is loud lor... then the guitar, bass, piano all went in together n worship begins... this time, wif another perspective... although sitting at the third row, i felt the peace in me even though i could feel the drumbeats banging on my heart... 'thud thud... thud thud...' it was as if God is knocking on my heart but before tat i was too ignorant to notice it n open my heart for Him... worship is after all between individual n God... after the service, i felt so convicted because i was the one going around poking at CA's worship team being sometimes too loud n i let it affect my worship in some of the P&W session... how could i stop ppl from giving their best to God by playing the drums (sorry amos...) or guitar or piano or organ wif all the heart n soul??? Lord, forgive me for i had been so ignorant to You... take away my pride n help me swallow it...

Second was a lighter one... haha... it happen on a saturday when i was planning to go to my aunt's place... she's staying wif my cousin at kota damansara so as usual i had to go there by public transport ALONE which includes the one i dislike most - TAXI... this time, i prayed before going, hoping tat there might be some juniors who are going to ktm station wif me at the same time so tat i can tumpang along... i remember the last time when i travelled alone, God always send ppl to send me to ktm station... this time, amazingly i saw a tiny n ponytailed girl at the bus stop n so i called out "ERINNNnnn" ... i found out tat she too, is on her way to ktm station to go to her sister place... wow, first testimony of the day, God had send another person again... so on the way to the esso busstop (the place where all the taxi lined up preying for their next victim) another amazing thing happen, there was this rapid KL stopping there wif the door wide open... apparently tat was the first time Erin took rapid KL to ktm station coz she din noe tat rapid goes to ktm station too... so happily we boarded the bus wif only RM1 instead of RM4,5 or 6 charged by the taxi driver... when we reach the station, we saw tat a train juz pass by so we tot the next one will not be arriving til 20 minutes later so erin took her time to buy her ticket while i waited coz i got touch'n go... but in 5 minutes time, another train arrived n erin was half way queuing up for her ticket... but God never bless His children a little bit only but He continue to shower His favour on us... we tot tat we could not make it since the door of the train is already closed so again we took out time to walk slowly across the bridge to the other platform... but when we walked, we did not see the train moving so i decide to giv it a shot by running down the stairs n press the button beside the door n at tat moment, i truly believe tat miracles do happen... the door actually opened... we went in the train speechless, in awe at the wonderful things tat had happen to us on the way... we felt God's presence was so strong tat erin n i were so overwhelmed... God's favour is really showering us tat we believe non of this would happen if it is not bcoz of God...

Last but not least, i could not stop praising Him for all the wonderful things He has done, is doing n will be doing in my life...

God is good, all the time...
And all the time, God is good...


Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Unplugged!! One thing u cannot miss...

Yo ppl!!!! Mia Palencia is singing at unplugged!!! she's the best jazz singer i ever heard... anyone interested plz contact me or cheng ing

Friday, November 09, 2007

the P word ending wif C

dunno y during exam times i tend to update n online more... one way of destressing maybe? but anyway, hav been reading a lot from the internet these few days... mostly about the *ahem highly forbidden *hem hem (sorry, was juz clearing throats) starts wif P and end wif C, n mostly about the annual conference of a certain party who doesn't exist in sarawak, n hopefully never will...

haha... i noe i shud not be saying this coz i m a certain *hem ehem scholar but sometimes i cannot help myself by laughing at some of the comments of certain ppl, some princess maybe... and i read some really cool blogs, one of them is none other than our ex-prime minister (do u noe tat minister is the other word for servant, hmmm... i wonder...) daughter has a blog n she's the coolest blogger in Malaysia... ok i shall leave the rest to Si Han... he's da man in this topic, i m juz merely a newbie...

btw, eunice's family came n broght us this :
her family is the coolest family i've ever met... imagine sending fruits by mail!!! i wan too!!!
YEA!!! kompia!!!

look at the size of the kompia in sitiawan...

Picture of the day:
Rumour has it tat if u ate a banana, u will get smarter for 3 hours after tat... i tried it during my chem test... wud it work? wait til i get my result...

Monday, November 05, 2007

Malaysia need ppl like him!!!!!

Congratz to Dr Kenny Lee Kian Yee for being The Most Outstanding Youth in Malaysia of the year 2007... click here to see the news report on AYA dream Malaysia awards

ok... i admit i voted him because he serve in Sarawak... but later its his spirit tat touched n inspired me to really go to the basic of being a servant... tat is to give up everything n be obedient...

i was actually at the AYA awards which is held in KLPAC in the midst of my final exam... ppl asked me why did i go??? my answer is simply... "i feel like i shud be there to witness ordinary ppl doing extraordinary things for Malaysia..."

to me, all nominees are already winners... n i think wat they did is so much greater than wat the boss n his cabinet is doing... as a scholar, i really felt tat some of the money tat the government used on me n my fellow frens from all over Malaysia(esp those who drive merz n branded cars to sch) shud be contributed to those who really need it... Dr Kenny even had to steal from the hospital to help ppl in the ulu areas who are juz so short of basic medical equipments, not to say those canggih machines (eg scanner, computer aided surgical robot) when he was receiving his price, he was talking about how an area of Long Lama,(which is as big as pahang) the area in which he is serving as a doctor now, has only 1 doctor, that is himself... how can ppl be as selfless as he can be??? looking at myself, i felt so ashamed... i was even thinking of the job prospect when i choose the course tat i opted for...

the performance at the awards is simply life changing... one of them is the "macarena" dance which is considered so cliche, except this time, it was performed by ppl sitting on wheelchairs... i remember when i was in primary school, i was so afraid to shake my body when doing the dance n now here i am, looking at ppl who have so much joy in them when they dance on wheelchairs... i watch them doing the dance with a smile so wide tat it could reach their ears... the hands which hold the camera was shaking so much i cannot contained it, overwhelmed by the feeling, i cried... again feeling so ashamed of myself... i began to realise, i got a pair of wonderful feet tat i take for granted all these years...

this post is intended to be a pure writing post so tat only those who really wan to read this, read... thank you for your time to read this piece of my heart who goes out to the unsung heroes of Malaysia...

Saturday, November 03, 2007

What is my stand??

hav been asking myself this question since the day i start searching for my purpose on this earth... i was so lost tat time, my road ahead so dark i could not see the future, living in fearlessness but only fear the one n only big guy up there... finally i found it... it lies in the words of this song...

You stood before creation
Eternity within Your hand
You spoke the earth into motion
My soul now to stand

You stood before my failure
Carried the Cross for my shame
My sin weighed upon Your shoulders
My soul now to stand

So what can I say
What can I do
But offer this heart O God
Completely to You

So I'll walk upon salvation
Your Spirit alive in me
This life to declare Your promise
My soul now to stand

So what can I say
What can I do
But offer this heart O God
Completely to You

So I’ll stand
With arms high and heart abandoned
In awe of the One who gave it all

So I’ll stand
My soul Lord to You surrendered
All I am is Yours

Show me Your heart
Show me Your way
Show me Your glory

The Stand

by Hillsong United

album: United We Stand (2006)


Thursday, November 01, 2007

Welcher Mode-Typ sind Sie?

Und hier ist Ihr Ergebnis:
Sie sind Typ B

Sie sind flexibel - und je nach Stimmung wechseln Sie auch gern Ihre Outfits: Sie tragen heute Turnschuhe zum Anzug und wenn Ihnen danach ist, ziehen Sie morgen auch noch ein grelles Shirt unter den Blazer. Denn Sie kombinieren einfach gern: edel und sportlich, trendy und klassisch und so weiter Sie haben zwar so Ihre Lieblingsläden, aber wenn Sie dort nichts finden, gehen Sie auch gern auf Entdeckungstour. Genug Selbstbewusstsein haben Sie ja: Sie nehmen sich einfach die Mode-Freiheit, das zu tragen, was Ihnen gefällt und worin Sie sich wohlfühlen. UNSER TIPP: Manchmal kann die grenzenlose Freiheit der Modewelt von heute auf morgen unüberschaubar werden - deshalb sollten Sie sich vor jedem Stadtbummel genau überlegen, was in Ihrer Garderobe noch fehlt. Wägen Sie lieber in Ruhe ab, ob Sie das neue Teil wirklich brauchen - so lassen sich Frust- und Spontankäufe vermeiden. Im Zweifeslfall sind Basics wie ein schmal geschnittener Pullover oder ein weisses Hemd die richtigen Stücke, um Ihr Outfit variantenreicher zu machen. Denn: Diese Teile lassen sich super kombinieren. Und das ist ja genau Ihr Ding!

another hahas... aku syok sendiri!! quoted William