Saturday, May 16, 2009


my tv...

occationally we will turn it on,
when the housemate is not around (as loud as it can be!),
when we felt that we lack of german listening skill (some german soap opera where real german are being spoken instead of being dubbed),
when we miss listening to english so much (oweys n forever mtv, bbc n cnn),
when we feel like annoying the housemate. ^_^

aaaand baked chicken wings, taste so much like mum's...


Aidilf Nordin atau dikenali sebagai Flip said...

wow. nice. tp jgn tgok mtv je haha.

btw let me save the huge surprise whenever u cme to my place.

flip flop flap flup

Helen Pang said...


I wanna get a TV too=)

aqilahamira said...

mase i tengok tv kat umah u,xde pun u bagi makan ayam yg sdap tu..sedey3..majuk la camni..hehe=P