Tuesday, June 30, 2009

identity crisis...

did the personality test again on sunday n found out tat i hav a problem wif my identity... haha... i wonder whether i've really changed or all this while i've been limitting myself to a certain behavior... anyway, tat's not the main point...

this is。。。

i nearly burn down my kitchen weh! but my housemate was there to save the day and his "Kein Problem!" (no big deal) really made my day... shall refrain myself from cooking... -_-

AYA awards is back! plz do check it out here... i was there for the last 2 awards, first time as a spectator n the second time as a volunteer... i was so inspired after the awards n i hope u can experience it the power of a true story too!

Monday, June 29, 2009

Wednesday, June 24, 2009


yo, finally got myself a new keyboard after so many days of procrastinating, i manage to drag myself to Media Markt and the best thing about Media Markt is tat when u buy anything there n u wanted a refund, they giv u back immediately, no question asked... how cool is tat? (but-maybe-they-see-me-korean-auntie-face-who-dunno-how-to-speak-german)

back to the topic, after a whole semester to unintentional attempt to stay invisible in class, i'm actually shock to see how fast time zoomed pass me n suddenly it's nearly the end of my first uni semester here in Hochschule Offenburg... meaning fast approaching the end-of-sem-exams too... been studying hard this time, hoping to at least pass wif slightly better results than other ppl... and during this period of pre-exam time, i've seen some really weird things going on in class... to cut the story short, we Malaysians are seriously trained to go for exam whereas germans, they don't... one really interesting thing is tat one of my classmate manage to get hold of some leaked questions online n he showed it to the lecturer... needless to say, the lecturer throw a huge tantrum and threatened to have 80 exam questions tat need to be finished in 90 minutes... after hearing tat, i feel like throwing him into the river n feed the poor fishes... but then again, i really prefer to hav objective question instead of subjective, so somehow one way or another, it is a blessing in disguise... hopefully...

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

late sunset...

view from my window...

Saturday, June 20, 2009


Saturday, June 13, 2009

insights from travelling...

i've been travelling a lot here in germany, to church, to meet up wif frens, to ikea, to outlet cities, to visit ppl and the means of transport i use the most is train... and one thing in common i shared wif other train travelers is tat we all carry bags or even luggages... before we travel, we need to make sure we hav everything, ipod, books, water bottle, wallet, money, camera, hand n face lotion, lipbalm, ricola, handphone, jacket, chocolates and anything we could think of in our bags... we felt like the more stuff we bring, the bigger the bag, the more we r prepared for anything... isn't life like this too? we take up things n responsibilities in our daily walk and as time goes by, they become a burden as every step we take n every station we stop by to change to a new train... we think we r prepared, but the fact is the our bags are getting heavier on our way to our destination... then i realise, i m actually on board a train where i don need any baggages, faith is enough to sustain me...

are you ready to board this train?

Thursday, June 11, 2009

More beautiful you by Jonny Diaz

Little girl fourteen flipping through a magazine
Says she wants to look that way
But her hair isn't straight her body isn't fake
And she's always felt overweight

Well little girl fourteen I wish that you could see
That beauty is within your heart
And you were made with such care your skin your body and your hair
Are perfect just the way they are

There could never be a more beautiful you
Don't buy the lies disguises and hoops they make you jump through
You were made to fill a purpose that only you could do
So there could never be a more beautiful you

Little girl twenty-one the things that you've already done
Anything to get ahead
And you say you've got a man but he's got another plan
Only wants what you will do instead

Well little girl twenty-one you never thought that this would come
You starve yourself to play the part
But I can promise you there's a man whose love is true
And he'll treat you like the jewel you are

So turn around you're not too far
To back away be who you are
To change your path go another way
It's not too late you can be saved
If you feel depressed with past regrets
The shameful nights hope to forget
Can disappear they can all be washed away
By the one who's strong can right your wrongs
Can rid your fears dry all your tears
And change the way you look at this big world
He will take your dark distorted view
And with His light He will show you truth
And again you'll see through the eyes of a little girl

nice n meaningful song... speaks to most ppl at our age, esp me...

Friday, June 05, 2009

Beautifully imperfect...

Why do you look at the speck of sawdust in your brother's eye and pay no attention to the plank in your own eye?

imperfect... that's wat we all are... and it really cost a lot to realise and to admit it... however, isn't all these make who we are? yes, although we are all imperfects, we are beautifully imperfect in God's eyes... of course we must strive to be perfect, but then again, who is?

this is a 2 in 1 post... the emo n not so emo post... the upper n bottom post...

ok, i hate to admit it...
i'm bored...

the girl from the opposite room, the one to whom i only speak is away for holiday, the one i m not talking to, is around too for whatever reasons he is not staying in his comfortable house... y is he still around?????!!!!!! i seiously do not noe...

spend 3 hours on one technische mechanik question... *bravo... claps claps... pat myself on the back... in the end still hav to refer to the answer online... *another round of applause... thank you thank you... curtsied and walk away...

enuice ding, eve aun, cat chan n qiao hui!!!! faster come loh....

Wednesday, June 03, 2009

introducing my new bf...

plz don mind the sun-burned face, juz came back from a bike trip n there's no whitening product in this country...

can't wait to open it...


plz can anyone teach me some songs?

Monday, June 01, 2009

Psalm 121

Ich hebe meine Augen auf zu den Bergen, von welchen mir Hilfe kommt.
Meine Hilfe kommt vom Herrn, der Himmel und Erde gemacht hat.
Er wird deinen Fuß nicht gleiten lassen; und der dich behütet, schläft nicht.
Siehe, der Hüter Israels schläft noch schlummert nicht.
Der Herr behütet dich; der Herr ist dein Schatten über deiner rechten Hand,
daß dich des Tages die Sonne nicht steche, noch der Mond des Nachts.
Der Herr behüte dich vor allem Übel; er behüte deine Seele!
Der Herr behüte deinen Ausgang und Eingang von nun an bis in Ewigkeit!

i realise one thing important, that all this while i tot i was running away from my problems, in fact, i was running away from God...

it's time to turn around, don't stop, and run again... this time at the right direction! :)