Sunday, November 29, 2009

Keep praying!

Keep those prayers coming for zira, no matter where u are n who u are... Press on to believe!

Thursday, November 26, 2009


i m facing fear right now... fear of failing exams, fear of speaking words, fear of hurting ppl unintentionally, fear of the future, to summarise it all, fear of the unknown... It all happens one day, when i was sitting in my classroom, staring at the lecturer as usual, n suddenly it hits me, november is slowly passing by n then it's christmas then come exams! Since then, my heart cont to beat so hard tat i can feel it in my throat... Still i went to join my church pastor n some frens for dinner in a nearby city tat night, had a great time just enjoying the fellowship, chatting n getting advices on starting anew wif my quiet time... I decided to ditch my old style of reading the bible word by word to a global understanding of the books to see the different characteristics of God n men... I oso challenge myself to spend more time in the MORNING for my quite time, which means go to bed earlier so as not to affect my at-least-7-hours-beauty-sleep! Hah! N today is the first day in which i ended up snoozing an extra 15 mins instead of the original plan of waking up earlier... Ah well, 4263157846592 days to go! Haha

Tuesday, November 10, 2009


went to the ICU for the first time in my life, and saw my friend lying unconsciously on the bed... like wat my mum did to every other patients tat she came across to, i cried out her name hoping tat if she hear ppl coming to visit her, she will at least be encouraged n feel happy... i wanted so much to talk to her and tel her to stay strong no matter wat, but paiseh lah coz her dad is around...

i believe in your complete healing zira! be strong ok?

Monday, November 09, 2009


it is hard to admit tat oneself is sick... ok, i finally declare myself sick after the flu symptoms decided to stayed for days... and it is a season of sickness now...

juz wanna update u all about a senior who is very sick and hospitalized... her conditions are quite unstable, u see her walking to class then lying in bed the next minute... plz do remember her in your prayers...