Thursday, November 16, 2006

Back home once again...

so good being at home once again, juz enjoying the feeling leaving all the blankets behind without actually folding it... Ahhh!!! Home sweet home... of coz i need to bear my mum's nagging... she will go on and on about how little i hav change and blah blah blah... the fact is i fold my blanket every single day when i was at the hostel, its juz tat y shud i fold my blanket when i m back home??? i see no point in it... anyway, my mum is juz being herself, if she doesn't nag, sth really wrong is going on... haha

meeting frens is another thing which i enjoy since i got back but lately it seems they are always bz and din reply or replying late some of ur msg... maybe its juz my presumption tat we are not tat close again... maybe they are REALLY bz or wat... so its going to be a very boring holiday so tat's y i need to find sth to do...

Below is a list of wat i m planning to do this holiday :
  1. Slam dunk (as in basketball slam dunk which i oweys hope i can do it, but it seems the chances are slightly low since i cannot find a basketball net which is low enuf, anyway, its juz a planning)
  2. Finish reading the whole set of harry potter once again
  3. shop-til-i-drop in Singapore ( which i doubt it bcoz of financial prob, as u all know, singapore currency is quite big)
  4. throw a farewell party for sze wen who will be leaving for Aus for her studies (sob sob)
  5. (to be continued)....