Monday, October 29, 2007

Another rush of randomness...

i wrote this when i was in form 5... yeah, the handwriting sucks but who cares???

woke up from the wrong side of the bed this morning and start to say stuffs to my classmates which is unbearable to their ears... william said i hurt him 4 times... i shud hav control myself n not be so straightforward n be careful wif the words tat i use... sorry to all my classmates who had to suffer and bear the consequences of my bad-mood-ness this morning... i love u all!!!

Friday, October 19, 2007

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Bee-You- Est-Wuai

Been quite busy since the day i arrive back home... to my utmost surprise, my dad, bro and grandpa, being the only male species around at home, decide to take some day off during raya to singapore... i was juz exaggerating lah... mostly its because my grandpa needs to perform once-a-year-body-thorough-checkup after his operation on colon cancer 6 years ago (i think)... so being the only 'experienced' being around (i sort of worked at my grandpa shop since primary sch, so i noe a bit about the ways of how a business is ran...)

one word to describe the working experience --> sien

nonetheless, the experience reminds me of my good old days when i spend nearly half my time at my shop... its the place where i grew up and since then i dare to call myself, the wild kid tat grew up at pasar aka 巴刹长大的野小孩

Finally, after 6 days of working non-stop from 6am (yes, ppl here open their shop at friggin 6am in the morning...) to 5 pm... of coz i do take some time off time after time... haha... how could i
resist running around the place which i m so familiar wif...

btw, my younger bro come back from sgp wif this... (sweat... kids nowadays... haih...)

he bought absolutely NOTHING for me despite all the time and effort and money i spend on him... haha... actually not many oso lah... quite dissappointed wif him... how could he hav so much fun in sgp while i was stuck here in sibu taking care of the shop for him... anyway, my dad bought me lots of stuff though... hehe... so happy moh!!!

other than all those stuff, i oso take some time off listening to some of the music tat i hav not
been keeping in touch for a very long time - chinese pop songs... use to listen to tonnes of them bcoz of my chinese background and easy access back home... the first album i listen to is from wang lee hom... his songs all seem quite similar to his previous one but not bad for someone who is sooo cute!!! always ppl think tat those wif good looks can't sing or act well but this guy sure can sing n dance n act... (maybe i shud consider changing my husband to him, but nah... my zhao ren cheng is stil the best...)

and one of his songs 改变世界,meaning 'change the world' had the following lyrics :

要一直 努力 努力 永不放弃
COME ON 改变自己

to change the world, first we hav to change ourselves...
now tat's sth to ponder about...

Wednesday, October 17, 2007


i think it has been ages since i update sth... my previous post (is it even counted as a post???) is one which i randomly wrote to express my extreme sien-ness... and sorry i could not reply some of the post at the chatter box due to unknown reasons... my com is helplessly in need of immediate medical aid but i won't let anyone format it til i finish download all the taiwanese drama which i miss a lot due to slow internet connection in akasia...

*next post coming up...

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Warum??? Why??? Kenapa??? 为什么???

y is my flight delayed tonight????????????????????????????????????

wat can i do during my 5 hours wait at lcct????????????????????????????

can't wait to go back...