Tuesday, December 18, 2012

In life, in death

Reading through cnn and all the sad news of school kids being shot to death, usually saddens me. But this time, i m stronger than just fearing death itself. We can never know when death will come and take us away from the momentary earth. Just make sure we live a life of no regrets, seize every moment and do your best. If you are studying, go to every class. If you are watching youtube, watch every episodes. If you are serving in church, do your very best for God.

my deepest condolences goes out to all the parents, family and friends of those cute children and brave adults. not only in america, but in Syria, Palestine, Israel and all parts of the world. 

Sunday, December 02, 2012

The identity project - Being student

So it has been a month and a half since i started my masters at uni Stuttgart. Looking back at what i've 'achieved', i realise that it was nearly impossible - to be able to pass 6 subjects and finish writing a bachelor thesis - but whatever is impossible, is possible with God. I realised how i have been dragged along because i was so reluctant to believe that sth great is going to happen. I am reluctant to take risk, but somehow what i've experienced in the past 6 months is challenging my faith all over again. After all, faith is spellt R-I-S-K.

This time, i have the chance to experience student life all over again. The way I intended it to be without me realising it. I was reluctant to come to uni Stuttgart at first because i wanted to go to a better place(at least i was the only one who think so), a new place where i can start all over again with new people. But of course life will be less fun if we keep getting the things we wanted. How boring will it be?

Have a glimpse of my new uni!
so here i am feeling my life is as challenging as ever, thanks to my new identity as a university student!

Signing off,
The importance of being Pat