Thursday, September 25, 2008

Greetings from Malaysia (and sibu)!!!

haha... i admit, being very conscious of my readers, i do check my nuffnang account everyday to see NOT only my daily unique visits but ALSO the country they came from... before this was always Malaysia who top the list but lately, i've seen readers from INDIA (joanne, india rocks kao kao!!! haha) and even Indonesia (hello isabella!!!) and i realise tat hey, i've got frens all over the world man... one good thing about studying in intec, uitm (apart from the raise-eyebrow-stares from ppl who look at me one kind) is tat we get to noe frens from all over Malaysia, n later from all parts of the world as they finish their pre-u n proceed to their respective countries to further their studies abroad...

so to whoever who's reading this from USA, UK, Singapore, Australia, New Zealand, Korea, Ireland, Germany, Russia, Middle-east (haha... they from intec wat??) France and many more... hope u guys still remember me!!! miss u guys heaps...

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Life series : Part 1 - Life talks

最近发现自己还蛮喜欢思考有关于生命的东西,也许是个人的一个怪癖,动不动就搞个什么自闭,然后就乱乱想七想八。可是这次总算有个总结出来了,那就是:生命是能说话的 - Life talks。


下篇预告:生命不止是那样- Life is more than that

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

update for the sake of update

haha... as u all might hav known... i m back home... n til now, i only go out once wif eileen for supper on her birhtday night (which i completely forgot!!!) n i found out tat there's a lot of september babies compare to august (billy, ur theory doesn't really stand now) n i finally manage to find a scanner to scan my photo n signature to my cv... woooh!!! life is good here...

n now... photos :

The problem wif sibu ppl, they r rich enough to buy a big car, rich enough to eat a bowl of RM8 heh mee (prawn noodle) but no money to pay for the parking coupon... yer...

haha... sidetrack a bit... now come the real story...
this is the famous 3-layer-tea from sarawak... its nice coming back n be welcomed by food from sibu... haha... somehow i got invited to this dinner by ps lisa n auntie michelle... i think its a welcoming dinner for the new advisors of youth worship...

so great to be able to spend time wif all the aunties n uncles... miss they all so much since i left youth worship for studies...

and i oso had the chance to sing during praise n worship... ooh now i love singing back up... haha

finally i oso had to chance to get back to my comic books after so long...

tat's all from me

Saturday, September 13, 2008

5 reasons i like being a Malaysian chinese...

1. i can sing 'Happy Birthday' song wif no pronunciation problem at all... try watch the taiwanese series n when they sing 'Happy Birthday' song... aish... beh tahan lah... they cannot pronounce the 'th' as in the 'f' but instead they pronounce it the 'st' way... so it sounds like 'burstday' instead of 'burfday'...

2. same goes wif 'Thank you'... try watch zhang zi yi at the mtv movie awards... aiyer... malu-nye... keep saying 'Sank-you to all my fans' =_=

3. FOOD, oh... glorious food!!! there's no need to elaborate in this n all malaysian shout :
Satay, teh tarik, rendang, nasi lemak, kampua n kompia... haha
everyone plz laugh out loud : HAHAHA Mr-ah-watever-his-name-is-i-don-care-coz-his-name-

5. and finally... we get to noe FRIENDS from so many races n learn to speak so many dialects n eat so many different stuff... yeah!!!!

someitmes its easy to get angry at certain ppl but i take it as an eye-opener n a chance to pray for our country more.... together we can go through this hardship n rejoice in being a MALAYSIAN!!!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

You are nobody...



















要阻止他下去,就是當頭一棒,把他狠狠的敲醒,然後大聲的告訴他:You are nobody,你只是一個失意政客。


Monday, September 08, 2008


from eunice's car porch...

view from the new 'laluan pejalan kaki'

Sunday, September 07, 2008

aftermath... the beginning

I hav very mixed feelings about coming back home this time… hav been thinking a lot during my 2 hours flight back… it has been a journey of ups n downs the past few weeks n now its time for a short rest before embarking on a new journey… finally I’ve make my choice after much seeking n the answer is exceptionally clear… I guess God is making it very clear tat I shud go to a new place to start off a new point of my life there… wat can I do there I do not noe but I continue to trust the Lord tat He will guide me n lead me to wherever He is leading me to… n now only I understand, everything tat happen to me for the past 2 months, be it good or bad, happy or sad, satisfying or lacking, it all started to make sense… now I realize, whatever that happened, happen for a reason… tat I may trust the Lord n not lean on my own understanding to make my own decision…

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

ich bin sehr gestresst

1. Put your music player on shuffle.
2. For each question, press the next button to get your answer.
3. You must write that song name down no matter how silly it sounds!
1.If someone says "Is this ok?" you say?
- Masquerade from Phantom of the opera album
2.What would best describe your
-Given up by Linkin Park
3. What do you like in a guy/girl?
- Learning to breath by Switchfoot
4. How do you feel today?
- Faking my own suicide by Relient K
5. What is your life's purpose?
- Open up the gates by Planetshakers
6. What is your motto?
- Even when by Jeremy Camp
7. What do your friends think of you?
- Fabulous from High school musical album (finally got one answer correct! haha)
8.What do you think of your parents?
- Valentine's day by Linkin Park (very wrong =_=)
9. What do you think of your best friend?
- None but Jesus by Hillsong united
10. What do you think of the person you like?
- Thank you (to fans) by Christina Aguilera
11. What is your life story?
- The shadow proves the sunshine by Switchfoot
12. What do you want to be when you grow up?
- Slow down baby by Christina Aguilera
13. What do you think when you see the person you like?
- No more sorrow by Linkin Park
14. What do your parents think of you?
- Forgotten by Linkin Park (y so many linkin park one???)
15. What will you dance to at your wedding?
- We are the champion by Queen
16. What will they play at your funeral?
- Stay by Jeremy Camp

17. What is your favorite hobby/interest?
- 4ever by The veronicas
18. What is your biggest fear?
- Resign by Click five
19. What song will be the title when you repost this?
- None but Jesus

Monday, September 01, 2008

yet another goodbye...

goodbye i bid to my dearest (now ex) roomate... the only one who dare to offer herself to stay wif me... haha... she has been such a blessing, who stays up late listening to my naggings n mumblings n complaints (vice versa of coz) haha... who knocks me out of my sense when i was fantasizing (ouch!!!)... who pull me up when i was falling... who wakes me up when i overslept... who ask me to stop watching youtube n reading online novels when exam is around the corner... who generously shared her microwave n fridge... who oweys complains bout my cooking but still eat it anyway... who gives useful advices n calm my raging hormones...

sorry i cannot send u off at the airport tonight!!! i don wan to risk myself drving all the way to ipoh n miss my german exam the next day... so see u in Germany/Ireland lah!!!

by the time u read this, u must be in Ireland already... don cry again!!! send my bestest regards to weili n cat n the others whose name i hav left out... oh ya... daniel too... haha

all the best in Ireland n God bless!!!

anger management...

things learned today :

i shall shut myself TOTALLY off when i m having PMS... nuff said

Premenstrual Syndrome: PMS is a disorder characterized by a set of hormonal changes that trigger disruptive symptoms in a significant number of women for up to two weeks prior to menstruation. Of the estimated 40 million suffers, more than 5 million require medical treatment for marked mood and behavioral changes. Often symptoms tend to taper off with menstruation and women remain symptom-free until the two weeks or so prior to the next menstrual period. These regularly recurring symptoms from ovulation until menses typify PMS, premenstrual syndrome.

Over 150 symptoms have been attributed to PMS. After complaints of feeling "out-of-control", anxious, depressed and having uncontrollable crying spells, the most common complaints are headache and fatigue. But symptoms may vary from month to month and there may even be symptom-free months. No women present with all the PMS symptoms. Characteristically symptoms may be both physical and emotional. They may include physical symptoms as headache, migraine, fluid retention, fatigue, constipation, painful joints, backache, abdominal cramping, heart palpitations and weight gain. Emotional and behavioral changes may include anxiety, depression, irritability, panic attacks, tension,lack of co-ordination, decreased work or social performance and altered libido.

wanna noe more bout it, click here

and i don wan to be like tat for the rest of my life... i m very freaky leh... to those whom i hav offended, plz accept my sincerest apology... usually i can control my emotion n laugh it off but but but... the anger sort of accumulated... so sorry!!!!!!!!! ;-(

haih... *shakes head n walks off