Monday, December 25, 2006

My most meaningful Christmas ever!!!

Last week i have been quite involved in Christmas activities organized by Wesley Youth... first we go shopping (yay!!!) and buy stuff like rice, cooking oil, milo, biscuits, junk food, canned food and so on and then we wrapped them up... it was a lot of fun doing it and we all hav good fellowship during tat session... after tat we distribute them to the less fortunate ppl... it was really really heart rending and saddening to see there are so many ppl who are sooo much less fortunate than us... i remember auntie Grace was soooooo emotinal when we pass by the illegal housing area, she nearly want to giv out all the presents to them but uncle Daniel say tat it will be endless as there are too many of them to giv... tat time, my heart was wif auntie Grace too, i too was so eager to giv our presents to them but they are outnumbered and we can't do anything about it... then the feeling of helplessness once again feel me up... as a christian we were always told to make a difference to the world and here we are feeling so helpless when we see ppl who are so unfortunate and most importantly some of them don't even know Jesus...
Later we went to visit some family, most of them are widows and bcoz their husbands ran away or pass away and they hav to raise up their children bare handed... i really salute them bcoz despite all the difficulties, they manage to support their family without their husbands (chou nan ren) and on the way, i realize how contented is our church bcoz they are not trying to reach out to these ppl but only stay in their own comfort zone... sorry i hav to say this but i felt tat our church is being too selfish when they only care for themselves but not for others but i like the spirit of out youth bcoz we try to reach out to ppl who are less fortunate and without getting to the front page of the newspaper (not like some who called themselves charity organizations like leo or lion club)
Anyway, really wan to take this chance to thank a couple of ppl... Lawson, Bi Ho, Jonathan, Joanne, Sabrina, Nyuk Hung, Dorothy, Melvin, John, Stanley, Siong Ning, Ah Fong and all the other youths from Wesley... Thank you for ur coorperation in helping to put together efforts for these christmas activities esp the sketch... although we fail the first time during the rehearsal but we never giv up and continue to try and try and re-do everything and sacrifice a lot of time for this sketch... in the end, everything was paid off when we heard the clappings of the audience... hope they were touched by this sketch and get the msg tat we are trying to convey...

last but not least, i hope everyone had a wonderful christmas and Merry Christmas!!!! God bless...

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Back home once again...

so good being at home once again, juz enjoying the feeling leaving all the blankets behind without actually folding it... Ahhh!!! Home sweet home... of coz i need to bear my mum's nagging... she will go on and on about how little i hav change and blah blah blah... the fact is i fold my blanket every single day when i was at the hostel, its juz tat y shud i fold my blanket when i m back home??? i see no point in it... anyway, my mum is juz being herself, if she doesn't nag, sth really wrong is going on... haha

meeting frens is another thing which i enjoy since i got back but lately it seems they are always bz and din reply or replying late some of ur msg... maybe its juz my presumption tat we are not tat close again... maybe they are REALLY bz or wat... so its going to be a very boring holiday so tat's y i need to find sth to do...

Below is a list of wat i m planning to do this holiday :
  1. Slam dunk (as in basketball slam dunk which i oweys hope i can do it, but it seems the chances are slightly low since i cannot find a basketball net which is low enuf, anyway, its juz a planning)
  2. Finish reading the whole set of harry potter once again
  3. shop-til-i-drop in Singapore ( which i doubt it bcoz of financial prob, as u all know, singapore currency is quite big)
  4. throw a farewell party for sze wen who will be leaving for Aus for her studies (sob sob)
  5. (to be continued)....

Wednesday, October 11, 2006


its been long since i posted sth here... juz finish my ethics exam this morning and found out tat it wasn't as hard as i imagine... i manage to bluff through 3 pages of matlamat kehidupan manusia mengikut pelbagai aspek agama... ethics---> the funniest subject i had ever encounter in my whole life... we study about darwin theory of how a bear can mutate into a whale... i nearly laugh my head off when i read the whole chapter of evolution of Men but sometimes i felt a sheer anger when they mention sth which is not true about Christianity... its like how can they say old testament contradictied wif new testament... tat is juz their opinion, not the truth, they studied it the different way... however, life is like tat....
OK, back to shah alam... the weather here sucks... seriously, its hot and humid... it never rains, i mean not long enuf to cool things down... plus the haze here is really extremely thick and choking, i wonder if ppl living here for the rest of their life can stand it or not? but anyway, life is like tat...
Next week is the depa raya holiday but i don't get to go back... feel really homesick but i think its not worth spending so much money going back for only a week then come back for a week before i start my 2-months-end-of-semester-break... but stil, life is like tat...

tat's all for now, chao...

Sunday, October 01, 2006

sometimes its hard to be considerate to ppl, esp those who weren't grateful to the help offered to them... you should at least say 'thank you' after using the things u borrowed for such long time until I don't even have time to use it too... haih, God i know U wanted me to glorify U wif all the things i have, so plz make me strong in enduring and ignoring the little voices inside my heart.... Amen

Friday, September 22, 2006

Happy birthday to Amanda!!!

Friday was Amanda's 18th birthday and we juniors actually planned a surprise for her... i think she was touched enuf... haha, imagine we nearly wake the whole akasia up at 12 am with our candles... romantic leh...

soooo romantic!!!
we took 1 hour to make this shape u noe!!!
German week!!! woo....

Last weekend our seniors put in a lot of effort and hard work to organize a German week. I was involved in the fashion show. Below are the pics of the 'models' wearing traditional clothing of Germany...

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Kem Bina Insan

Last week i went for a camp organized by maybe our sponsors or sch... whatever lah... below are the pictures.... sorry for the short and brief narration... been kind of busy this few days...

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Dear blog,

its stil the same. nth changes here. its miserable enuf to see my mum being oppressed again and again. there's nth i can do but to console and encourage her. i noe she endure all these because of us, whom she is so proud of. slowly, she became accustomed to the the tyrannization and eventually swallow all the agony, pain, anguish, torment, sorrow, adversity, grief all by herself. i dunno how long can she withstand the pressure and burden loaded on her since she get married into this family? i remembered she always say this "i m not only marrying ur dad, but to his parents, sisters, dogs, cats, and even chickens." all this years she manage to progress on fairly good despite all the tantrums and temper threw on her, sometimes without any purpose at all or juz a meer intention of threaten. its sad to see her not being regconized as a family member. she has always been strong and determined all these years but lately her faith in this family started to tremble and wobble. i felt useless in this situation. i used to be rebellious and immature enough to go against her. but she din give up hope on me and continue to endure everything for the best of this family. but when she was accused of trying to con the family's properties lately, this pushes her limits. never in her life has she tried to do such immoral and unethical act. the feeling of uselessness flooded me again, i can't do anything to help her. i noe its hard to be wrongly accused and she had to cope with it unassisted and single-handedly but what more can i do? one is my own mother who had me in her womb for 10 months and bring me up to be a well-to-do person and the other is my paternal relatives...

Mum, do stay strong, don't be discouraged or disheartened ... i noe its hard for u for the time being but i believe u can do it by God's grace and mercy... God, i pray tat You grant my mum the ability to endure, a steadfast heart tat persists and the strong will to move on with life. i noe You love her so much because all these years she had been a strong-willed lady of Your image. i believe tat all the treasures she saved in the heaven will be sufficient forever and everlasting. plz continue to lighten the hope inside her because You are her only hope now...

Sunday, August 20, 2006

Yay!!!! Finally back home and growing fatter...

The journey back home was really a hectic one... i tot i was ready enuf coz the day before i started packing already... but on friday, when i try to zip my luggage, guess wat happen??? my poor zip burst open and i hav to transfer all my stuff to a frail and worn out box... i was frantic at tat time coz the taxi will be arriving in 30 minutes, so i hav to cram all my suff into tat box and tied the box forcefully wif some nilon string i found around the corner, it took me about nearly 30 minutes and after tat i hav to carry the 15kg box 4 floors down and all the way to the bus stop... and tat inconsiderate taxi driver wouldn't even try to help me carry it to his taxi... where got ppl like this de??? be more helpful lah, i pay money u noe??? anyway, after tat the rest goes on smoothly until i arrive safe and sound in Sibu... ahhh, the tantalizing aroma of Sibu juz stir my heart once i arrive at the airport... HOME SWEET HOME!!!!

HAHA... when u tot all the trouble is over, guess wat... on the way, i din notice tat my water bottle was leaking and so when i reach home, i found out tat my bag was wet and all the things inside the bag are soaked... which includes my RM102 stufen (my german textbook which is only 100 pages)... haih... sakit hati!!!! plus all my german notes, dictionary, reference book... drench and wet through all over and even worse, all the ink started to fade away... poor me... so much for my journey back home...

ok... as soon as i step into my father's unser (which i found out from my german lecturer tat it means 'ours' in german... haha) , i went to the ever so familiar Taman Muhibbah... there i ate 5 bulky satay, a plate of dry wantan, plus a plate of sizzling hot cha mee... so altogether add up 1kg to my weight on the first day... then the second day, from morning to night, i ate non-stop... so there goes another 1kg... ARGHHHH!!!! if this continues, then i will be 7kg heavier since i came back... but i juz cannot resist the temptation of the food here lah..... HELP ME!!!!!!

bye for now and be ready to see a chubby me in one week time...

Monday, August 14, 2006

~Ja, bitte?
~Ah, das Schnitzler Cafe? Mein Lieblingsplatz. Das Cafe ist in der nahe des Bahnhofs.
~Gehen Sie die Augustinerstrasse geradeaus. Dann gehen Sie links in die Wipplingerstrasse. Rechts liegt der Bahnhof und direkt gegenuber ist das Schnitzler Cafe.
~Bitte sehr. Kein Problem.

har har har.... Tat's my only 4 lines in the German Sketch i m taking part in on Wednesday(16/8/2006) and guess wat???? i keep fogetting my lines, even though its only 4 simple and effortless lines!!!! its not tat i m brainless or stupid, so juz let me explain... i can memorize my fren's script from top to bottom and from left to right, and right to left... but i juz can't remember my own lines... i dunno y???? maybe its because i keep listening to them saying them over and over again and i m lazy in memorizing my own lines... serve me good for being half hearted for this sketch but now i promise i will memorise it and do my best on the day of the competition... until now, i stil felt funny how some ppl can join the sktech even though they learn the language for only 1 and a half month... i noe i couldn't do it all by myself... someone must hav helped me and i believe tat tat someone is no other ppl but God himself... so i promise to make God proud of me by doing my very best in this competition and hopefully win it!!!

tat's all from me for the time being...

Friday, August 11, 2006

German Speech Contest (16/8/2006)

With only 1 month of learning and exposure to the German language, here i m so thick-faced enuf to join a German sketch for the german speech contest... haha
EVERYTHING juz came out so smooth and frictionless (too much of physics)... the script, the acting, the rehearsals and the pronunciation etc etc... UNTIL someone from my group doesn't wan to cooperate... sometimes i juz feel like slapping him on the face (God, plz help me...) i mean this is teamwork, how can he assume tat we all go according to his ways... if u don like to act, FINE... then don't act!!! Let other ppl do it!!! how can he expect tat ppl DON'T look at him when he act, and he even say tat HE felt stupid and idiotic when he act... waliu eh... where got ppl like this one!!!! ARGH!!!! so u are a debator b4... so wat??? i m not a debator n yet i stil learn to act!!! and he can't even stand ppl looking at him when he is talking!!! when u were a debating on stage before, do u say : " entshuldigung, would u guys mind to close ur eyes because i can't speak/act when there are eyes looking at me..." ceh...

*speechless at the moment!!!

Sunday, August 06, 2006

horray!!! 2 more weeks to go and i will be back home!!!! its true tat 'home is where the heart is...' after going through 5 weeks of staying alone outside, i think i m more independent than i used to be... i m no more the girl who rely on others to do things, although sometimes i tend to be dependent on others but only ein bisschen (a bit) now... LOLz
time is passing by fast and swift without u knowing it... until now, i stil couldn't believe that i can survive out here for 5 weeks without my mum... i juz felt like the registration day is some days before and i din expect tat it will pass by this fast... now tat i m all settle down and starting a new life here wif new friends, new roomates, new sch, new classmates, new lecturers etc, i want to be a more improved and better person than i used to be so that i can make a difference and be an impact to the society....

i noe sth wrong wif me today... i really hav nth to say but this is all from my heart
tat's all from me this time...

horray!!! 2 more weeks to go and i will be back home!!!! its true tat 'home is where the heart is...' after going through 5 weeks of staying alone outside, i think i m more independent than i used to be... i m no more the girl who rely on others to do things, although sometimes i tend to be dependent on others but only ein bisschen (a bit) now... LOLz
time is passing by fast and swift without u knowing it... until now, i stil couldn't believe that i can survive out here for 5 weeks without my mum... i juz felt like the registration day is some days before and i din expect tat it will pass by this fast... now tat i m all settle down and starting a new life here wif new friends, new roomates, new sch, new classmates, new lecturers etc, i want to be a more improved and better person than i used to be so that i can make a difference and be an impact to the society....

i noe sth wrong wif me today... i really hav nth to say but this is all from my heart
tat's all from me this time...

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Freaking sick !!!! The devastation of longan...

anyone of u know wat happen if u buy 1kg of Longan (mata kuching) and ate all of them in 1 hour time.... the answer will be difinitely sorethroat for at least 3 days... those 3 days were the most miserable day in my life... the worse thing that ever happen to me --> i lost my voice for 3 days... imagine the most talkative girl on earth cannot utter a full sentence at one time, haih... its juz too hard for me to bear... anyway, i did go to the doctor (its free so i went, otherwise u think i m so free to go see doctor ah) but lucky me tat for 3 days i don need to answer any question bombarded by the German lecturer everytime he came to class... muahahaha... such a priviledge for being sick...

Anyway, thank God that now i m well and stil alive and kicking... God really had his healing hand upon me coz after 3 days, my voice is back to normal and is as talkative as usual
all glory to God... Amen!!!

Sunday, July 30, 2006

Shopping Vs Malaysians

Since the megasales is just around the corner, i guess i will write sth on it here....

There's a saying tat Malaysia has got 4 season as well. The rainy season, the dry season, the not-so-rainy but also not-so-dry season, and finally the most important season of all -- the Mega Sales season. Normally the rainy season is is during the year end - November to March ; while the not-so-rainy and not-so-dry season will be from March to May and August to November; whereas the dry season will be in the middle of the year. For ur info, if u dunno when is the megasales season, u're definitely not a Malaysian... shame on you (i noe some of u are shameless so i forgive you and try to elaborate something on it for the sake of them) MARCH, AUGUST AND DECEMBER, the 3 most important month in the Calender of most Malaysian. Remember those 3 months - otherwise don't say i never warn u about the importance of them!!
Malaysians are emotional shoppers. (i am not trying to make an excuse here!!!) They shop when they are happy, depressed, moody & angry. They shop if they get a promotion and even a demotion. Some shop if when they get good results ( they say to encourage themselves worrh...) and some shop when their result are not too good (as a mean to keep your spirit up)... lame excuse i know but i use them all the time. So, as a conclusion, ppl shop no matter what happen...
What will Malaysians usually buy when they go shopping?? The answer will be EVERYTHING!!! They will head for shopping complexes throughout the country to pick up bargain on fashion, haute couture, accessories, jewellery and cosmetics to hi-tech electrical and hi-fi equipment, handicraft, etc etc... there is just too much things in this world too shop for and therefore, MALAYSIANS, be proud of urself... SHOP all u can, shop to the ends of the earth...

sorry if this article is too boring and nagging... i wrote this out of pure boredom... plz ignore if u find it too silly for ur eyes to bear.... for those who took the time reading this blog, i apologize for it... plz do leave some comment no matter what ur feelings are, come wat may and i will take it wif dignity and amour propre... danke sehr

Saturday, July 29, 2006

Worldcup Final

yes, yes , yes... i know this is long time ago but i stil wan to write sth on it cannot meh??? wonder y??? coz tat day was the first day it rained in shah alam !!! FINALLY, for the first time in the 2 weeks i was here, i can actually feel a teeny, weeny bit of coldness outside the classroom, i mean the classroom here is freezing man (althoug during secondary school, we are ALL hoping for classroom to be air-conded but now i regret) the INTEC management don even hav to check whether i'll be in long-sleeved or sth coz i wear them everywhere... too cold inside the classroom ---> by the way, do we have a classroom here?? haih... for your all information, the classrooms in INTEC are actually insufficient because of overloaded new students for this year... so basically my class is floating everywhere, during morning time, we hav to go to the physics lab for our study and after lunch, we change to another one... tiring eh

ok, back to the real topic... i actually watched the finals wif Joanne and Shirin. For ur info again, joanne, me and shirin are classmates during kindergarten, so we know each other since we are 5 years old... and here we are, insane enough to wake up at 12.45am (no choice, we had to get a good seat otherwise the whole room will be packed by the time the match started) Then we waited for 1 hour until 2am to watch the final... Shirin actually supported Italy because of the cute italians but i was very neutral tat particular time bcoz both of my favourite teams din get into the final (yup, brazil and germany) but after the headbutt by zidane, i giv my full support to France but sadly they lost... i expected it to be a 45 minutes game so tat i can go to sleep earlier but sadly i can't... so u ppl can guess wat happen to me the morning when i hav to particularly drag myself to sch and sleep through the whole lesson...

all the best to those reading this... i will update quite a lot this few days since it is weekend now and i had nth more to do other than shopping... chow

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

har har har... after 1 week of trying to sign in to blogspot, here i am, finally manage to get thru all obstacles and barrier to write sth here.... guess i shud tel u tat i previously i did write sth here but the connection here is soooooooo bad tat the server get jammed everytime i try to write sth... so eventually i gave up even though i was half way thru my article... Although i hav register for a wifi line but the connection here is extremely bad... one moment u are happily surfing the net and chatting wif fres then all of a sudden u are sign out automatically... but wat to do???? i stil need my internet access here otherwise i'll be barred from the outside world in this lonely place called 'Shah Alam'

ok... updates from me... the hostel i m currently living or rather sleeping in is Kolej Akasia, wonder why is it called Kolej instead of hostel??? My school, not sure whether its college of university, uitm or INTEC, quite confuse here but anyway its a lot bigger than my secondary school but stil not as big as i thought it was suppose to be... at least i can stil walk from one place to another but it just take times... the transportation, i m stil new here so i only know how to use KTM, taxi, bus and my own 2 bare foot... shophouses here, not too many chinese food stall, in fact the number is zero, so the only thing i eat is KFC, Ayamas, McD, roti telur and the chap fan one auntie sell... quite nice lah but sometimes get very sien eating the same thing over and over again... oh ya, there's a pasar malam on every monday evening, i found it quite nice but i can't imagine me going there for the next 2 and a half years... forgetfulness, as usual, can't remember any of them - friend's names, number, where they are from... haih... guess i have to work hard on this coz there are ppl from everywhere in this place and u can't expect me to ask them what's their name and where they're from everytime i see them eh...

ok, enough rantings from me... tat's all from me... ta-DAh

Thursday, June 15, 2006

AYA festival 2007

one of my fren wrote sth on her blog and i really like it...
hope u all like it and plz take a minute to ponder on it...

给礼拜徒们 Jun 14, '06 2:41 AM
for everyone


共同的身为学生、老师、朋友等;男人独特的身份为儿子、爸爸、男朋友 友、丈夫,







间的人,你也有资格跟我说“基督是放在心中的” ?就像一个连在情人




















Sunday, June 11, 2006

The Battle
by Megan Rene

Fights and battles, battles and fights,

Absolute terror throughout the night.

Watching my life, wither away,

Breaking, piece by piece, day by day.

From the darkness the demons come,

Not all at once, but one by one.

Lacking the wisdom that God supplies,

They lure me in with all their lies.

Just like a boxing match I fight each round,

As the bell dings with its echoing sound.

First comes temptation, it's coming to deceive,

He disguises himself, so I fail to see.

He brings me in, with all his lies and his traps,

And almost defeats me when something just snaps.

The demon gets terrified as he looks up,

And sees Jesus standing there, filling my cup.

Temptation is defeated, and I'm free at last,

All of a sudden, another demon is cast!

Here comes pain, with heartaches and sorrows,

Making me feel, there's no tomorrow.

My friends all leave me and say they don¡'t care,

They spread rumors and pretend I'm not there.

In my times of loneliness, God was all I had,

So I reached out to Him, when everything was bad.

The demon realized he'd failed once again,

For I turned to Jesus, and not to him.

The battle is not over, they have one more shot,

As one more demon comes forth with a new plot.

One of my friends say they tried taking their life,

Taking my happiness and giving me strife.

Family members then pass away,

Leaving me clueless on what to say.

But there ¡s one thing I learned through all these

That is to turn to the One who wears the crown.

I turn to God and I don't sit and pout,

And everything seems to work itself out.

The demons are amazed at how much I've grown,

And leave me alone, for as far as I know.

I turn around and I look at the field,

Holding nothing but my sword and shield.

The battle was brutal, with things everywhere,

Yet I made it through, though it was hard to bear.

I turn to the Father in the heavens above,

As he looks down on me with eyes full of sweet love.

It may have been brutal, and hard to the end,

But thanks to the battle, I found a best friend.

"Dream lofty dreams, and as you dream, so shall you become. Your vision
is the promise of what you shall one day be;
your ideal is the prophecy of what you shall at last unveil."