Monday, March 05, 2012

To-do-list in Bali

1. Wake up to see the sun rise and if possible dolphins!
2. Get a tan (which will be quite impossible wif my spf120 sunblock)
3. Attempt to hold my breath under water for more than 30 secs (well for someone who can't swim, i am allowed to have fun even in water)
4. Check out hot surfer dudes :)
5. Try out some defecated rodent coffee (ewww...)
6. Try out massage n spas
7. What's a visit to Bali without trying out babi guling?
8. Get lost somewhere
9. Find my fav spot on the island
10. Walk down the streets of Bali wearing school uniform! coz bikinis are just too mainstream... haha

This post is purely just to show off! counting down  4  2 days to Bali! :]