Friday, March 25, 2011

To whom it may concerns...

In 3 months time, no one will be talking about this anymore.  Just like what has happened in Chernobyl.

And our generation is to be blame, the government, the people who agree and even the people who disagree, we all play a part in this decision.

'All this should not even have started,' commented a german colleague of mine when discussing about this issue of the possiblity of a nuclear breakdown.  He then looks out of the window, staring blankly at the direction of a atomic power station# situated not so far away from this town, along the river Main.

The blogger is talking about the recent plans of building an atomic power plant in her beloved home country.  She is currenty studying in Germany, where 20 nuclear power plants were built in the 50s n 60s and all of them are scheduled to be shut down by 2020.

'It does make sense, after all there is just no solution for the waste.  You can give me one thousand reasons why nuclear power is good but it just take 1 reason to rebuke them all.  The risk is far too great for a terrible accident.'

# Kernkraftwerk Grafenrheinfeld, 30km from the city of Schweinfurt

Wednesday, March 16, 2011


i started my internship in Sax (not real name of coz...) on Monday n hav been eating lunch alone for 2 days already... is there anyone out there who wud like to eat wif me???

some of the funny scenes during my 3 days of internship :

Scene 1 :
Due to the big area of the manufacturing plant , i practically jog to my department, which is situtated at the other end of the proximity... this morning, a worker who was having his morning puff saw me n say to me  :

'Du bist ja auf dem Weg zur Arbeit, nicht zum Flug.' 
-You are on your way to work, not to catch a flight.

me : laughs n walk 5 big steps and continue jogging to my building...

Scene 2
for the 200th time someone came to me wif a sad smile on their face...

'so is it really bad back home?'

stun for 3 seconds, i think to myself 'WHAT? price hike on kampua again???!! NOOOO!!!!'

10 seconds later...

'oh, they are asking about Japan'
'i am from Malaysia actually but i heard it's really bad in Japan...
(trying to explain without letting them down)

haih... shall read up more about the nuclear reactor breakdown so as to have conversation starters wif ppl around me...