Thursday, November 26, 2009


i m facing fear right now... fear of failing exams, fear of speaking words, fear of hurting ppl unintentionally, fear of the future, to summarise it all, fear of the unknown... It all happens one day, when i was sitting in my classroom, staring at the lecturer as usual, n suddenly it hits me, november is slowly passing by n then it's christmas then come exams! Since then, my heart cont to beat so hard tat i can feel it in my throat... Still i went to join my church pastor n some frens for dinner in a nearby city tat night, had a great time just enjoying the fellowship, chatting n getting advices on starting anew wif my quiet time... I decided to ditch my old style of reading the bible word by word to a global understanding of the books to see the different characteristics of God n men... I oso challenge myself to spend more time in the MORNING for my quite time, which means go to bed earlier so as not to affect my at-least-7-hours-beauty-sleep! Hah! N today is the first day in which i ended up snoozing an extra 15 mins instead of the original plan of waking up earlier... Ah well, 4263157846592 days to go! Haha

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Li Fong said...

my dear.. im very glad that u start revived in ur quiet time spendin! praise the Lord! huhu! really encouraged by ya~ i really love the spirit of ur countin the blessings of God~ please keep it tru ur blog. u never noe ur life is the best witness for God! The Glory be to the Lord! AMEN!