Friday, February 17, 2012

Things to avoid during this month

1.  Don't blow my nose out loud in public.
2.  Don't start speaking German to all angmohs i see.
3.  Don't stop at the right side of the escalator.

Ah feel like a stranger at KLIA. The only language that ppl can understand me is when i speak malay, the rest speak only cantonese which i refuse and cannot converse in. 6 hours to go and i smell like a horse. (ewww) Thanks to those who follow me throughout my journey. Your absence might be unknown but thanks for being there. and a wise man once said, (me lah)
I wish I can go somewhere and just get lost. Because the only people who ever get any interesting place are the people who get lost.


Princess Dory said...

Still stranded somewhere?

God bless your journey!

Chelle~ said...

haha i get used to standing at the right side of escalator too. mum always wonders why i always stand in front or behind her instead of standing beside her on the escalator haha

and i thanked few waiters with kamsahamnida here while thanking korean waiters with 'thank you' :S