Saturday, July 29, 2006

Worldcup Final

yes, yes , yes... i know this is long time ago but i stil wan to write sth on it cannot meh??? wonder y??? coz tat day was the first day it rained in shah alam !!! FINALLY, for the first time in the 2 weeks i was here, i can actually feel a teeny, weeny bit of coldness outside the classroom, i mean the classroom here is freezing man (althoug during secondary school, we are ALL hoping for classroom to be air-conded but now i regret) the INTEC management don even hav to check whether i'll be in long-sleeved or sth coz i wear them everywhere... too cold inside the classroom ---> by the way, do we have a classroom here?? haih... for your all information, the classrooms in INTEC are actually insufficient because of overloaded new students for this year... so basically my class is floating everywhere, during morning time, we hav to go to the physics lab for our study and after lunch, we change to another one... tiring eh

ok, back to the real topic... i actually watched the finals wif Joanne and Shirin. For ur info again, joanne, me and shirin are classmates during kindergarten, so we know each other since we are 5 years old... and here we are, insane enough to wake up at 12.45am (no choice, we had to get a good seat otherwise the whole room will be packed by the time the match started) Then we waited for 1 hour until 2am to watch the final... Shirin actually supported Italy because of the cute italians but i was very neutral tat particular time bcoz both of my favourite teams din get into the final (yup, brazil and germany) but after the headbutt by zidane, i giv my full support to France but sadly they lost... i expected it to be a 45 minutes game so tat i can go to sleep earlier but sadly i can't... so u ppl can guess wat happen to me the morning when i hav to particularly drag myself to sch and sleep through the whole lesson...

all the best to those reading this... i will update quite a lot this few days since it is weekend now and i had nth more to do other than shopping... chow

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