Wednesday, January 03, 2007

2006... Its a wrap!!!!

Yesterday i was browsing some of my frens' blog and found out tat everyone has at least make an effort to blog about their new year resolutions and how 2006 was such a grand & extravagant or dull & monotonous year for them... it sorts of trigger my enthusiasm to blog about mine too!!!

For me, if i were to choose one word to describe 2006 -- contented (perhaps...) , blessed (definitely...) , worn out (sometimes...) , downcast (once in a while...) --> hey, tat's more than one word but who cares... i'm the one who is writing it... har har har

ehem, back to the fundamental thing -- the capital R --> RESOLUTIONS
actually they are not my cup of tea but since everyone is doing it, here goes :
1. Get all A's for the next exam, coz i miss chemistry this time (sob... sob...)
2. Finish reading the whole bible!!!! (kind of not reading it so much since i finish disciple... juz a little here and there... i need to be consistent!!!)
3. Be more thankful and appreciate things around me (i've taken things for granted too much...)
4. Glorify God in everything that i do...
5. Be attentive in class and don't sleep during lessons
6. Make more new frens
7. Try my best to tolerate ppl that i don't like... (God plz help me in this!!!)
8. Be a good leader and examples to juniors
9. SAVE money coz i have been too wasteful last year!!!
10. Hope to be spiritually and mentally mature in the years to come...

Tat's all from me this time...

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emma said...

my friend, my prayer is always with you. jia you