Thursday, April 23, 2009


gosh i miss CA after reading the latest post in CA new blog... i read it like over 10 times since this morning n i find new things to miss everytime i finish reading... i can totally understand u seniors! haha... and to be honest, i don feel sad at all during my farewell (who can feel sad in a CA meeting??) but the feeling seeps in before and AFTER it... haha... so be prepare!


Leen said...

if you take away all the dates in your photo and don't claim royalty for your photo, I might use them for my artwork some time. XDDDDDDD

Pat said...

ya sure. I'll send u by email the original pics if u wan. The date i cannot do anything bout it, it's already there, i hav the habit of having dates on my pics so i can noe when the event happen.