Sunday, November 30, 2008

Updates again

finally manage to reach home after a horrible and vegetable experience.... will blog more about it if i feel like doing it... but i believe whatever happens, happens for a reason, now i m still learning from my experiences... and finally i get to visit my grandma after hearing so many different things from aunties, cousins and mum... and when i heard her talking, i was immediately assured that she is still ok... still as loud as before (when a foochow say it's loud, it means really loud) haha...

anyway, i finally come to a point that we can't stop problems n accidents from occuring, but most importantly, how we learn from them... sometimes i feel like my heart was like a dark night, but Jesus with His strong blood, and the Holy Spirit came and washed it. So, now it's as clear as the sky when it has no clouds in it. (Mincaye from the movie End of the spear --> do check it out... it has brought tears n joy to me)

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