Sunday, July 29, 2007

10 reasons I never regret joining TSF camp…

  1. My laptop get to rest (finally!!!) for 3 days and 2 nights
  2. I get to feel God’s presence for the whole 3 days and 2 nights, away from studies and nightmares!!!! woooootttt...
  3. I get to know a lot of frens, especially my team members (Anna, Michelle, Kassie, Weng Teng, Alison and Columbus) Steamy Iron rocks!!!(my group name lah…) really learn a lot from u guys and other ppl that I m unable to name it one by one but u noe who u are…
  4. I have my breakthrough and start to understand what God has been and still is doing in me…
  5. All the unanswered question that I prayed that God will answer it thru this camp are ALL answered!!!! PTL!!!
  6. I get to feel what I will to feel in Germany… Freeeeaagin cold!!!
  7. I got plug-in to God… (will elaborate more in my next post, wif loads of pic some more)
  8. I get a free ticket to watch any movie of my own choice in GSC... muahaha... so bangga weh!!! (but everything comes wif a price and u won't want to noe wat did i do to get that movie ticket...gross!!!! ewie...)
  9. I acted and cheered a cheer on stage...(not those cheerleading cheer lah duh!) though i was nervous, i din let it shown on my face coz i really wan to get over my stage fright...
  10. I'm fired up once again!!! HERE I COME!!!!!

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ej said...

haiyo wish i had the chance to go to a camp before i leave for the US.. i know of many terengganu sisters goin to bible schools and mission trips! and i feel that i have lots to learn and catch up now... LOL!
hope ur doin fine!
and may the coming CA be a blessing to everyone who attends!