Friday, July 27, 2007

Leben ist das, was an uns vorbeizieht, während wir damit beschäftigt sind, andere Plänen zu schmieden

really running out of idea of wat to write... last week had been a very hectic and heavy week for me... but its over anyway and i m stil alive and kicking now!!!

but hey!!! in 1 hour time i will be heading to genting, peacehaven for my first church camp of the year... i miss those time when we have camps in sarawak... really wanna thank isabella, my dear sarawakian fren who invited me to this FGA camp... though sth has been bugging me lately but i know God has shown me the reasons for all the conflicts thru this camp... i claim the promise of God that i will be a changed person after i came back from this camp...


btw, did i mention my dad will be coming over to KL this weekend, too bad i will be at the camp most of the time but i can steal some time to meet him during sunday afternoon... STARBUCKS!!! wait for me too...

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