Saturday, May 24, 2008

The post which inspire me to...

organize a selah trip is this

Development ; at what cost?
Blatant disregard for the environment.
Exploitations of foreign labourers.
Suppression of the voices.
The old and weak despised.
A purposeless generation.

What will we be remembered for?
What can we do, where we are?
Do we even care???

plz think about this question seriously... during quiet time, while waiting for the bus, on the way back after exams, anytime, anywhere...

yo ppl! selah trip is on... get ready ur pens, pencils, notebook, sketch book, drawing pad, camera, phone camera or anything u can get ur hands on coz we r going for an adventure...

p/s :
Selah - meaning 'this is very important, take a moment to consider it'

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