Wednesday, March 18, 2009

base on a true Malaysian story...

one day, in a place far far away covered wif snow...

indian : Tolong! Tolong! (Help! Help)
cina : what happen?
malay : come and see this!
(open the door n went into a room wif 3 cubicles)
everyone : arghhhh!!!
cina : we must do sth!
indian : y shud we? it is not our fault?

nonetheless, everyone walk in together as one... malay took the brush, indian took the water, cina keep the door open and the british took the liquid detergent...

malay : argh!
indian : shaisst!
cina : ewwwwww!
british : hehehe

5 minutes later... maruah malaysia berjaya diselamatkan!

(u don't wanna noe wat happen exactly!)

the unity among the malaysians, irregardless of race n language n skin colour, saves the day... the end...


kedekut said...

wow... the Indian knows how to curse in Deutsch... Scheiße =p

Indian said...

great post..