Friday, March 27, 2009

bumi putera/i

i m all out for bumiputera rights if they r really given to the 'real' bumiputera (princes n princesses of the earth)... they deserve it! not because they are being pitied at!

pfft! politics!


suituapui said...

I support u 100%!! They give to all the donkeys...lazy, not bothered to improve themselves and not even appreciative of what the govt has given them or is doing for them!!!

Anonymous said...

@suituapui: They gave it to me as well. I kinda appreciate it to tell you the truth. ;)

Pat: I'm all against special rights. Malaysians should be more Malaysian in relative to being races that make Malaysia up. I'm not trying to sound all liberal or anything but this sense of belonging is already embedded in the heads of every Malaysian.

A good example is when we are all get disappointed by our Malaysian badminton team when they lose a game. I haven't met a Malaysian, no matter how "chinese" or "indian" or "malay" or "iban" or "kadazan" that doesn't feel that sadness. Haha.. Sorrow unites I guess.