Monday, March 16, 2009


well, it simply means 'friendship' in german... it is also a short form of 'the principle of conservation of friendship' which consist of ALG10C... all goes well until ppl who don't understand the whole concept of it start to question the motive behind it... well, sorry to dissappoint u (those names whom i shall not name here) there's none! just pure friendship bond among 15 (now 14) ppl... and being part of this friendship, we hav our own tradition, namely birthday treats from the birthtee (if ever such word exists) and sorry if i offended anyone by trying to continue this tradition even in germany... i am greatly distressed by the fact tat there's ppl (who i think from the other class) who try to influence other ppl to go against this friendship... which, in one way of another, stopped me from treating ppl for my birthday as part of the tradition... sorry i could not treat EVERYONE bcoz of financial reason... it's not like i treat ppl because of the present i m going to get, it is merely a tradition...

this is my blog n i shall write whatever however whichever wherever.


william said...

chill man chill... you wanna treat? when?

thegoz said...

Oh crap, your birthday. Damn... I am bad with birthdays... Happy belated Birthday Pat....

And.. common.... Freundschaft ist etwas,was wir im 2 Jahre gebaut haben. Es ist nicht nur ein Name oder eine scheisse Theorie, die nie man begruenden kann.

It's like... First we feel it because we think it's a good feeling. And then we feel it because we want that good feeling. It's like smoking.. Hahaha... That kinda thinking actually goes in the head of every smoker.

Anyway, don't be so disappointed with people because everyone has their own agenda. And to hope that our agenda would overlap with everybody else's agenda all the time is just a bit too much to ask for I think.

Cheer up. :) Smile. Cheese. Snap a picture. That's the ALG10C way.

Pat said...

nah... this is juz my rumblings so don worry, i won't go killing ppl after this... freedom of thoughts! i totally respect tat!

Aidilf Nordin atau dikenali sebagai Flip said...

haha lek ah Pat. kau layan je perangai budak2 yang tak betul ni. nanti lama2 mesti rindu budak2 tersebut haha

our blog our space our freedom.

feel free to write (tapi beragak jugak la haha, jgn kutuk jpa atau org btn yang annoying)

flip flop flap flup