Sunday, August 06, 2006


horray!!! 2 more weeks to go and i will be back home!!!! its true tat 'home is where the heart is...' after going through 5 weeks of staying alone outside, i think i m more independent than i used to be... i m no more the girl who rely on others to do things, although sometimes i tend to be dependent on others but only ein bisschen (a bit) now... LOLz
time is passing by fast and swift without u knowing it... until now, i stil couldn't believe that i can survive out here for 5 weeks without my mum... i juz felt like the registration day is some days before and i din expect tat it will pass by this fast... now tat i m all settle down and starting a new life here wif new friends, new roomates, new sch, new classmates, new lecturers etc, i want to be a more improved and better person than i used to be so that i can make a difference and be an impact to the society....

i noe sth wrong wif me today... i really hav nth to say but this is all from my heart
tat's all from me this time...

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