Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Sibu decides...

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too bad i can't vote this year... wonder if i can vote for the next election or not?


Leen said...

Sibu = powerhouse for both DAP and BN

That's why it is so tightup there.

This kind of threatening is so irresponsible from the party. How could you threaten the people into "Vote us or we'll not give the 400 millions to solve your flood problem."

That line itself implies that the party is only interested in helping out the people ONLY if they are chosen.

A true leader who loves his people should put people first above the party. Even if he loses, he can still ask the government to channel those money to help the flood case. I don't think any opposition will oppose to that notion.

Cheh. What a childish comment from a "leader".

*By no means this post indicate my support to any party. I'm just pointing out the flaws of the debates in the most objective manner*

Pat said...

during election, they will say everything n do everything... biase lah...

Leen said...

I don't care if they are bias.

The thing is, people should be placed in front of the party. If Obama would say to Pennsylvania, "Hey vote me and I'll pour in 2 billions into building more schools and if you don't vote me, the money will just go to Florida", Hillary Clinton will win the nomination instantly.

It's just wrong to threaten people who are IN NEED to vote for you just because you have money.

Election is about choosing the best leaders for the betterment of the country. It is not about choosing the richest parties in order to help the country.

Bleh. Politics are dirty.

Pat said...

yeah... its time for christian to stand up n make a difference..

problem is, how many of us can stand the temptations...