Monday, March 17, 2008

Thoughts on fishing... Part 2

i was kind of 'force' to lead a group during youth service, and the topic for the day is loving others... so since i went for the fishy camp, i decided to share sth on loving your friends in the very last minute... to start of, i began wif the question tat put me to awe during the camp,

"So wat is the most important command in the bible?
(so proud of myself for knowing the answer)
Love God or love your neighbours?"

Then all of them giv different answers, some answered, love God and some say love neighbour... then i tel them, its loving your neighbours... then i ask them to go to Galations 5:14... then one girl shrieked, "you mean we don't have to love God??"

"uh-oh... i'm in big trouble..." i think to myself... then she started to shoot me wif all kind of questions like "so u mean its more important to love others than love God lah?" and to the extend of "so i can juz obey my parents to not to come to church because i love my parents"

at tat time, i was so totally unprepared for it and my mind went blank, but glad i hav so many other group members, esp Andrea and Aileen, who were so helpful enough to clarify for me... they keep ensuring her that loving God is in our nature, and therefore we don need ppl telling us to love God and love others is harder because there are ppl who are unlovable... then i giv examples like "do u like ur 娘娘腔niang-niang qiang (meaning 'sissy') classmate?" (i knew secondary sch kids hav this prob) haha... and she immediately fired up and start telling the group how tat 'niang niang qiang' bully her in class... (normal lah) and after some discussion, i shared to them how we shud love ppl, not only those who love us, but also those who do not love us... and i ask them to think of names in which they will give a smile to the next time they see them... as an ending, i told them a bit about the 3 steps on friendship evangelism, to identify, spend time and to share christ's love... and we end wif prayers...

although the group discussion begin wif quite a caos i must say but in the end, it went well (thanks to the most cooperative group members tat i have) i felt tat this is yet another reminder for myself as well, to learn to love others, from the bottom of my heart, and not expecting sth in return...

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kedekut said...

Nice sharing Pat and God bless you so active serving Him in Wesley Youth, ACTS Campuscity, CA etc

Wish I can go fishing at Rajang river too.