Saturday, March 01, 2008

randomness... a proof to show ppl tat i study!!!

Position vector ra ship A is : (initial position) + (displacement)

When both ship collide, they will have same position at the same time : ra = rb

Position vector of C relative to D is : rc - rd

Distance between two vessels is : I rc - rd I


Gradient of the speed-time graph = acceleration of the particle
Area under the graph = distance travelled by the particles

A system of forces acting on a particle is said to be in equilibrium if their resultant is the zero factor.

*plz don spread rumours tat i did not study for my trials this time... i may go out for a movie n some other events but its one form of detressing mah... haha

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mikiyo88 said...

Pat, I trust you that you have prepared for this trial exams well enough. I have eyes and I can be a proof, in case you need. I trust that there will be a great difference in your results because God'll provide!!! Happy Holidays!!!