Sunday, August 03, 2008

Amazing Grace

wat more can i say? twas Grace tat taught me everything i need to know bout my faith... which i oweys thought is superior tat others out there... but it is not!!! it is not more important or powerful than the others but it is the TRUTH! Passion conference was sth i never experience before, i've learn so much from it although i budge in half way n miss the first quater of the sermon... hope i can get my hands on the sermon soon enough... those who were not there for the conference, shud really go for it at least once... its has been a long time since i experience anything like it... its like a quick rest at the jetty for my spiritual voyage, n now i m fully equipped for my next destination... til then, i m still floating, this time not aimlessly but wif the guidance of the wind to the place where it blows me to...

Gott segne Sie,

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