Wednesday, April 11, 2007

finally finish moral test today... and since i had 2 hours of free time until my next class, this shall be one of the things that help me pass the time in the com lab... it has been quite sometime since i actually sit down to surf the net without any purpose, i kinda miss the time i use to surf the internet without any motive at all and juz go surfing the net for the sake of surfing, if u noe wat i mean... not those surf-the-net-coz-i've-got-assignment-and-i-need-information kind of surfing... this is juz so good... watch some news on sinchew and find out bout Lina Joy and Yeshua Jamaluddin... not tat i did not heard of them b4 but its the first time i can find time googling their name and find out more bout them but the more i look into it, the more i learn about my own country... sad to say i've learn too much tat i m actually quite dissappointed... but anyway, english lesson up next and i had to chow now... bye

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