Monday, April 09, 2007

We are facing unknown virus attack recently. Due to that reason you are facing slow internet connectivity.

We are trying our best to stop this activity. We would like to apologies for the unreasonable cause.

We also would like to advice student PC/Laptop to update their Antivirus/Spyware Removal tools frequently. If you face performance slowness at your PC/Laptop even you are not connected to internet, please get some advice from us. We will supply some reasonably tools for you to solve the problem.

We are constantly monitoring student internet activities until the attack problem solves.

Internet congestion time started at 8:00pm - till 12am Midnight. Free Internet congestion time 9am - 5pm (Best time to login).

Please help us to make a safe/clean environment to surf. Therefore your cooperation is highly appreciated.

Thank you.

Gewireless Management.

Guess i don't have to tel u wat happen to my internet connection this few days... all my money... haih....

1 comment:

Jason said...

So you know how my money flew away when I was in CEMARA. Haha.