Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Things to thank for n things to look forward to

Grace. Thank God for Air-asia. By God’s grace, I had the chance to train my patience when the flights are delayed.

Grace. Thank God for the chance to further my studies overseas. It is actually by God’s grace that I was offered a scholarship though there are so many people around me who are much more worthy of it.

Grace. Thank God for the eye-opening experience. By God’s grace, I was exposed to things of this country that I feel I can make a difference to it.

Grace. Thank God for a good CF. By God’s grace, I was called to be a committee in my school’s underground CF which I learn so much through serving in the transportation and cell group ministry.

Grace. Thank God for NOT answering my prayers. By God’s grace, some of my prayers were not answered the way I wanted them to be. God always has His timing and His plan and timing for us is always the best.

Grace. Thank God for a good church. By God’s grace I was introduced to a good pastor in Sibu when I needed to find a church here. I really learn a lot and grow more mature spiritually in the church which I am now attending.

Grace. Thank God for being there during trials and difficulties. By God’s grace I was able to stand up once again when exam papers were handed down and when I was just so disappointed on myself for not performing well.

Grace. Thank God for great new friends. By God’s grace, He sends me friends that really encourage and show me the way of living out good Christian life. I can always consult them either in my studies or even scriptures I don’t quite understand.

Grace. Last but not least, thank God for the Grace that died on the cross for my sins.

Grace. Tat's all i wan to thank for 2007.


Eileen called this morning n i was sooooo touched by it. I was so happy to learn tat she is having the time of her life at Ps. Ha's house right now. We chatted for a few minutes n she had to lower down her voice so tat she won't disturb Ps. Ha's sleep. During one of the conversation, she asked

"So wat are ur new year resolutions?"

Too shocked by her sudden question, i stammered n answer

"Ehh... maybe make more new frens..."

I was surprise by my own answer too. It juz came out of my mouth like it is the most natural answer one can think of. It is like asking ppl whether they are eating Kampua at the coffee shop every morning in Sibu. It is like asking ppl whether they are having their dinner when they see a family at a restaurant. (typical Sibu-an behavior)

"Xia kampua ah? Xia ba ba oh!" (Eating kampua is it? Eat more!)
"Xia man ah? Xia ba li giang oh!" (Having dinner is it? Must eat more!)

2 of the most common ,ways to start a conversation in Sibu. Although u see ppl eating kampua, its consider normal to ask whether he or she are having kampua or not. Strange as it may seem, its normal here.

Back to the topic. I guess my new year resolution is erm... make more new frens... alright then... its make more new frens then... the others... lazy to think... its not like i'll keep them anyway... better think of only 1 n then keep it...

So strangers out there!!! Here i come to make frens wif u all.....

huahuahuahua... *evil laugh

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ezra said...

isn't it eat full full??