Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Father's day...

Heavenly Father,

juz wanna wish u a very happy father's day today... it was great juz to enjoy ur presence today... i really thank you for pulling me back when i was 16... tat time i was so far away from u, yet u din forget me after all these years... u were always there til now and i really thank u for everything tat u've done in my life...

Earthly Father,

since young, u've oweys give me choices to make, to which i often misinterpreted as inattention to me... u let me choose which school i wanna go during kindergarten, which frens to go out wif, what activities i join, what movie to watch, what kind of music i listen to... u never interfere wif things i like... u even gav me the choice to choose the faith in which i really cherish... n i believe tat makes me who i am today... u've given me a free will, tat i can learn to be independent since young unlike my other siblings who stil can't make their own decision by themselves, maybe due to the fact tat i m the eldest in the family... u never ask me where the money u gav me goes to, u never ask anything when i ask for extra pocket money, u've paid my air-tickets back so willingly even though at times i was so fed up wif studies n juz needed a five days break to go home... although there r times tat ppl don believe tat i m ur daughter coz our attitude is so much different... i'm always the noisy n loud one whereas u r the quiet n soft... but somehow u've been the best father one could ever hav... u often giv good advices in which i find great joy n peace to adhere... juz wanna tel u tat u're the best dad one could ever wish for!

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