Wednesday, June 04, 2008

posts tat nearly din make it here...

usually when the internet is down n i had this inspiration to blog about some stuff, i wud juz type it out in a word document n then thinking tat i might post it up later but somehow, i keep forgetting n juz as i wonder where did all the stuff on my desktop came from, i found these :

(the posts tat nearly din make it here)

for me, this year good friday was also as normal as my birthday... haha... mainly because we din hav holiday like back in Sarawak... shudn't hav take for granted the holiday i had before... but anyway, class was on as usual but the good friday night service at church was a blast... we watch a sermon on 'indescribable' and i was in awestruck wonder at the works of our creator, who creates the heavan and earth juz by saying it out loud... 'Let there be light' - and light juz came out of his mouth at 3x10^8 m/s... and watever ppl say about big bang n stuff, i do believe tat when this world is created, it must've been an immense explosion wif a 'big bang'... coz things juz came true when words are being spoken... how amazing is tat?

it was also a day which i was reminded again, tat salvation might be 'free' but it surely took a lot of sacrifices from someone who love us so much tat He is willing to give up his heavenly throne to dwell among flesh as flesh....

and this :

Rumblings ramble



Oweys happen when I watch sth emo… it makes ppl miserable even thinking of it… eww…

Oweys I feel hurt even when ppl say sth accidentally n even though I knew they don really mean wat they say… stil I feel hurt… do u feel meh babeh!?!?!

Oweys I feel there’s a lot of weirdos out there… ya I noe I might be one to some ppl but hey, this is my blog! Hah! So I’ll say there’s some weirdo out there who might be reading this but who might not be reading this too!!! So to one of the weirdos out there, wud u mind do wat u say n not say one thing but do another? Don lose my trust in u okay???

But hey, I had a great day today as well. Felt tat maths paper was ok… ok, it was pretty easy!!! Wooot!!! Haven been able to say this before coz physics n mechanics nearly took my breath away(literally) when I first look at those papers… chem up next n I m so gonna beat u down this time!!! WATCH ME!!!

Yesterday’s forum was quite an eye-opener for me even though I was one of the panel sharing on stage on my views on relationship wif my veli cina engrish. Haha. I learn tat we can grow in love… hmmm… one new thing to learn… often we often give and take in a relationship, but actually we can also grow together in love… it kinda remind me tat the ultimate Love, everyone’s first Love, which we often forsake…


kedekut said...

not just Good Friday... this past Monday and Tuesday should have been a holiday too... *super sien*

Pat said...

haha... how come i never tot of it???
i've been so far away from s'wak... haha