Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Saya sudah balik weh!!!

tat's my msn's shout out... and my fren say i speak like Ibans... ahahaha... then i told him, its malay lah!!! tat's wat most Sarawakian think...

n congrats to all my frens who made it through 2-years-of-oh-so-torturing-form-6 and now they are harvesting the fruits of their efforts... *clap clap... giv urself a pat on the back

most of them are going to west malaysia n now they all busy wif their ptptn, body checkup etc etc... no time to go out limteh wif me... but i manage to call out a few of them out to qing shang for sibu's special ABC(水果冰) i oso told them some helpful tips of surviving in west malaysia wif all the hot n spicy food around, how to survive wif RM10 a day, and finally the most important thing is NOT to bring DICTIONARY there... ahahaha...

i had a good chat wif Lilian and ah fong... and i really learn a lot from both of them... how they are just willing to obey God and persevere even at times of persecution... i salute u all!!!

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